Kharma Health and Safety Policies - Updated Mar 11 2022

Policies and Procedures

Anyone with the following symptoms will not be allowed entry and is advised to stay home until your symptoms subside.
- Fever
- Chills
- Shortness of breath
- Sore throat
- Pain swallowing

All our health/safety protocols and our shops have been inspected and passed by the Island Health Authority to ensure a safe environment is provided for all clients and staff.

Masks are no longer required in the Salons. Masks are optional for all guests. Should you be more comfortable with your service provider wearing a mask, please let them or reception know prior to your appointment and they will happily oblige. Your safety and comfort is still our top priority!

Reception and Common Areas

Sanitizer will be provided at the desk.

Social distancing is recommended when in the common areas of the salons.

Waiting chairs are 2meters apart.

Interior Areas

Bathrooms will be stocked with soap, disposable paper towels, and foot pedal garbage cans. Signage will be provided in washrooms to remind staff and clients on proper hand washing protocol.

Congestion Management

Appointments will be booked with extra time to allow proper cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing.

Space hair stations out 2 metres, or alternate stations.

Specific Covid-19 Protocol

Complete Beauty Safe course.

Any cleaning agents diluted into smaller containers must be labelled correctly according to Work Safe.


Client capes will be immediately put into laundry bin and they will be laundered in hot water after every use.

Used towels will also be  laundered in hot water consistently in the day.

After every guest, entire station will be disinfected. Chair, armrests, base, station, trolley.

Any tool or implement used on clients will be taken to designated cleaning area. They will be washed in warm soapy water. Dried. Submerged in barbicide for appropriate time (10 minutes). Rinsed. Dried.

After use of wash basin / sink, entire area must be wiped down with viricidal agent. Including; chair, head rest, basin, nozzle, hose.


Any non-critical or semi-critical tool or implement will be washed and disinfected following proper Beauty Safe protocol.

Any critical implement will be sterilized or discarded following proper procedures. (Sharps container for any microblading / tattooing). Sharps container will be wiped down if handled.

Disposable bed covers will be used, or if not available, fabric covers will be laundered immediately after use. Chairs, linens, wax pots wiped and disinfected after use.

All disposable single-use items will immediately be discarded into garbage after use.