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Xyon - Mens Hair Loss System

Are you losing your hair? Introducing Xyon Technology

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Innovative solutions for men's hair loss. Most topical hair loss treatments that deliver active ingredients through the skin are unintentionally absorbed into the bloodstream. 
SiloxysSystem’s™ lipid-based nanoparticles are suspended in a slow-releasing matrix that concentrates active ingredients of finasteride directly at the hair follicles where it's needed to target hair loss.

  • Breakthrough topical technologies.
  • Developed by hair restoration doctors.
  • Maximize results. Minimize side effects.
What to expect:
Initiate: 0-3 Months

Changes may not yet be visible. You may experience increased shedding. It's a sign that a new hair growth cycle is starting. Consistency is key.

Develop: 3-6 Months
Some individuals may start to notice hair growth in affected areas at this stage. Many men will notice that their hair loss has slowed down.

Maintain: 6+ Months

By now, you've probably noticed improvements in hair thickness and density. Celebrate, but it's important to continue with treatment to maintain results.

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