Kharma Health and Safety Policies - Update November 10 2020

Policies and Procedures

All staff and clients will be screened over the phone / email / text prior to coming to work, or an appointment. Anyone with the following symptoms will not be allowed entry and must stay at home for a minimum of 14 days:
- Fever
- Chills
- Shortness of breath
- Sore throat
- Pain swallowing

We ask you to please advise us if you have travelled off the Island within the last 14 days.

Anyone who has arrive from outside of Canada, or who has been in contact with someone that has confirmed COVID-19 must self isolate for 14 days, and will not be allowed into the shop.

If staff start to feel ill at work, they must immediately let management and owners know, and leave work. They must stay home for 14 days.

Contactless temperature check will be performed upon arrival at the salon.

All our health/safety protocols and our shops have been inspected and passed by the Island Health Authority to ensure a safe environment is provided for all clients and staff.


There will be no distributions of refreshments. Bringing personal beverage containers into the salon will not be allowed. Disposable cups will be provided for water if requested. Cups will be thrown away into garbage immediately after use.

Clients are asked to refrain from bringing in food or gifts from home. We understand some appointments are very long and therefor you might require a snack. All food is to be consumed outside of our salon.

There will be no magazines, booklets, or appointment cards. No tablets will be provided.

Clients phones and personal items are to remain on them. Do not place any personal items on stylists stations/trolleys/work area.

Reception and Common Areas

Clients are asked to remain in their car until their exact appointment time. Waiting chairs are to be spaced out 2 metres apart.

One person allowed at the desk to check out at a time. Anyone waiting must remain 2 meters back. Follow taped box to show where one person at a time can stand.

There will be no pens exchanged at the desk between front end to clients.

Sanitizer will be provided at the desk with minimum 60% ethanol alcohol for both clients and staff.

Between every client at the desk, full wipe down of surfaces using a virucidal agent (PreEmpt). Surfaces include; reception desk, visa/debit machine, chairs (if used), retail area touch points, and interior door handle.

Retail Area

Handling of products will be discouraged. Signage provided. No samples.
Retail products will be in clean new bags. No reusable bags. No returning of products will be allowed.

Every 4 hours any retail products suspected of being touched by clients will be wiped with virucidal agent.

Anyone wanting to pickup products must contact in advance and arrange a pre-pay and pickup service during hours when there are minimal people in the salon.

Interior Areas

Bathrooms will be stocked with soap, disposable paper towels, and foot pedal garbage cans. Signage will be provided in washrooms to remind staff and clients on proper hand washing protocol.

Congregation in the staffroom is limited to maximum 2 people at one time. Staff breaks will be scheduled in rotation to avoid congestion. Sanitizer provided in staff room as well. If staff are coming back to eat, they must wash hands immediately prior to, and after eating. All garbage to be thrown out immediately, and any reusable container should go back into their personal bag to take home at the end of the day.

All commonly used surfaces must be cleaned every 4 hours with a virucidal agent. Backbar shampoo and conditioners, developer bottles, bleach containers, scales, retail shelves, styling products, recycle bins, garbage bins.

High touch objects must be cleaned every hour with virucidal agent. These include all doorknobs, cupboard handles, keyboard, debit/credit machine, computer mouse, broom, staffroom fridge and faucet, washroom tap, soap dispenser and toilet lever.

Washing machine / dryer will be disinfected after ever use. Cash will be discouraged but is accepted.

Client Management

Clear expectations for clients regarding new procedures.
Arrival protocol. New physical distancing rules, beverage rules, payment rules. Hygiene upon arrival.
New rules around retail, shopping bags and gifts.
Screening questions.
Coats, bags and personal items are to remain on their person and stay at the styling station.
Discourage cash.

Signage around the salon for clients. Retail area, bathrooms, markings on floor, PPE requirements.

Congestion Management

Appointments will be booked with extra 15 minutes to allows for proper cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing.

Clients will to arrive on their own. No children, friends or family can accompany to an appointment.

No walk-ins for services.
Retail sales planned ahead of time.
Clients to not check in any earlier than their appointment time.

Space stations out 2 metres, or alternate stations. Do not use the middle sink for shampooing to adhere to physically distancing, or only 1 person at wash basin for salons with 2 sinks.

Personal Protective Equipment and Guidelines

Staff are required to wear gloves and masks.
Clients are required to wear masks while in the salon.
Minimal conversations during sink washing.
Hands must be washed prior to and immediately after using gloves. Gloves will not be interchangeable between clients.

Specific Covid Protocol

Complete Beauty Safe course. Cleaning agents must state Virucidal.

Any cleaning agents diluted into smaller containers must be labelled correctly according to Work Safe.

Gloves are to be used when laundering soiled laundry and disposed of immediately.

No sharing of personal phones between staff.

Phones must be disinfected after each client along with tools.

Specific bin filled with hot soapy water designated for tools and implements to be disinfected. Water will be changed every hour.


Client capes will be immediately put into laundry bin lined with a sealable plastic bag. They will be laundered in hot water after every use.

Used towels will also be put into a sealable plastic bag and will be laundered in hot water immediately after every use.

Surface cleaner/ virucidal agent and sanitizer will be available at each station for staff use.

After every guest, entire station will be disinfected. Chair, armrests, base, station, trolley.

Any tool or implement used on clients will be taken to designated cleaning area. They will be washed in warm soapy water. Dried. Submerged in barbicide for appropriate time (10 minutes). Rinsed. Dried.

After use of wash basin / sink, entire area must be wiped down with virucidal agent. Including; chair, head rest, basin, nozzle, hose.

Mirrors will be sprayed and wiped down after use.

Popups will be discarded after every guest.

Hands (with gloves) must be sanitized prior to grabbing color to mix. (Bleach containers, developer bottles, tubes of color).


Any non-critical or semi-critical tool or implement will be washed and disinfected following proper Beauty Safe protocol.

Any critical implement will be sterilized or discarded following proper procedures. (Sharps container for any microblading / tattooing). Sharps container will be wiped down if handled.

Disposable bed covers will be used, or if not available, fabric covers will be laundered immediately after use. Chairs, linens, wax pots wiped and disinfected after use.

All stations and trolleys will be disinfected with virucidal agent (PreEmpt) immediately after client.

All disposable single-use items will immediately be discarded into garbage after use.

Tools to be Disinfected After Each Use


Hot tools Blowdryer Brushes
Capes (launderd) Clippers

Aprons (laundered if not plastic) Color brushes, bowls, bottles Foiling boards

Cell phone (between clients)


Wax pots
Micro balding implement handles.

Front Desk

Credit/debit machine
Reception desk (client side) Retail products touched by clients Reception chairs (if used)
Color tickets and markers

Client Protocols

1) All clients will be screened over the phone prior to coming to for an appointment. Anyone with the following symptoms will not be allowed entry:
- Fever
- Chills

- Shortness of breath - Sore throat
- Pain swallowing

Anyone who has arrive from outside of Canada, or who has been in contact with someone that has confirmed COVID-19 must self isolate for 14 days, and will not be allowed into the shop.

2) Clients are asked to remain in their vehicles until their appointment time.

3) All clients are required to wear a mask while in the shop, and must sanitize hands upon entry into the salon.

4) We ask clients to please bring minimal personal items. Coats, bags, and all personal items will remain on your person, and stay at the styling station.

5) We will not be providing refreshments. We have disposable cups for water if needed, and must be thrown away immediately after use. Food and outside beverage containers will not be allowed in the shop. If you require a snack, please do so outside of the salon.

6) Hands must be washed for a minimum of 20 seconds after using the washroom, and hands sanitized once sitting back at the station.

7) Touching and browsing of retail items is discouraged. If there is something you are interested in, please talk to your stylist or receptionist for recommendations and they can assist you.

8) Cash is discouraged but is accepted.

9) Only 1 guest allowed at the desk at a time. If someone is there upon arrival, please wait outside until they are finished.

10) Anyone wanting to pickup products are asked to contact in advance and arrange a pre-pay and pickup service during hours when there are minimal people in the salon.

11) We will not be accepting returning any products or items.

Two Hour Cleaning

Door handles
Computer keyboard, mouse, and counter.
Toilet lever, bathroom faucets, light switches, soap dispenser and flush Broom
Fridge and faucet in staff room
Cupboard/drawer handles to color bars

Cleaning Every Four Hours

Waiting chairs
Backbar styling product shelves
Retail shelves
Bathroom toilet seat and lid
Recycle and garbage containers
Laundry bins
Backbar developers, shampoo/conditioners, bleach containers, color