Lash Extensions

Classic Lashes - A technique of adding a single lash using a 1:1 ratio onto each of your existing natural lashes. This looks is most natural of the lash extension options. The finished result can vary per person and is dependant on the amount and length of your natural lashes.

Blended - A blend of both Classic and Volume lash fans are added to each natural lash for a slightly more dramatic look. It's a great way to ease into volume. No removal is needed if you already have classic lashes. Your tech (if they are volume trained) can add fans to your classic lashes at your fill. Give us a call so we can ensure enough time is booked.

Volume - fans that consist of 3-6 finer lashes added to your natural lashes to give you that WOW look! Since these lashes are finer, even tho we use more of them, there is no damage to your natural lashes. Volume are ideal for women with minimal natural lashes as it is a fuller look.


Mega Volume - fans that consist of 6-15 finer lashes added to your natural lashes to give you that extra glamour. They also give you a black eyeliner effect and make the application of eye make up unnecessary.

How long will the extensions last?

By following the proper aftercare instructions, your new lashes will last as long as your own natural lash cycle (you can shed up to 5 lashes per day.) Your natural lashes will fall out at different stages of their life cycle and will be replaced by the growth of a new lash. The cycle is approximately 6 weeks, but this will vary by person. Due to this cycle, refills are recommended about every 3 weeks to maintain a consistent/ full look.

How long will my lashes be?

Depending on the length of the lash size you choose, extensions can make your lashes 20-50% longer.

What do I have to do for upkeep?

Refills every 3 weeks to replace lost lashes is recommended. Purchasing a lash conditioner is also very helpful for the longevity of your extensions. Avoid oil based cleansers and moisturizers and keep the lashes dry for 24 hours after you appointment.

Can I use my usual facial cleanser to remove my makeup?

Most facial cleansers are too oily or creamy to be used around the eye area when you have lash extensions.

Will my natural lashes become damaged from eyelash extensions?

Our lash techs are very conscious of keeping the natural state of your lashes healthy. Should you request a look or weight of lashes that your own lashes cannot support, we will advise you otherwise. By taking care of your lashes and following aftercare instructions, your extensions will not damage your natural eyelashes. If you pull or are too rough on your lashes, then your eyelash will come off with the extension. Naturally your lashes will grow back in time without any problem, so it is nothing to worry about. Be gentle and they'll last much longer!

How long does it take to apply eyelash extensions?

Depending on the amount of eyelash extensions being applied, a full set can take anywhere from 90-180 minutes. Refill appointments every 3 weeks generally take about an hour.

NOTE: Please come in with as little make up on as possible for your lash appointment,

Water proof mascara could affect your retention.