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Belma Kosmetik Organic Keratin 

Discover the exclusive power of our Enzymotherapy Treatment line. This is the biggest technological advancement in recent years. Enzymes and tannic acids combined with heat work to develop a unique system that leaves your hair smoother than ever. Enzymes create the chemical reaction that proceeds faster and achieves tannic acid molecular restructuring, called enzyme-linked Protein Molecular restructuring.

  • Original smoothing treatment with enzymes
  • Compatible with any chemical and dye
  • Success insured in the salon
  • More body and thickness for your hair
  • Lustre and reconstruction of the hair
  • Greater power formula for proper straightening
  • 0% formaldehyde and derivatives
  • Without itching or discomfort
  • Straightens 100% of hair in a uniform and natural way
  • Compatible with all types of hair
  • Lasts approx 8-10 months
  • Note: Hair will finish more straight and smoother when blow dried as the product is heat activated.


Enzymotheraphy does not modify the internal structure of the hair, leaving a much more malleable natural appearance with brightness, smoothness and resistance.

Belma Kosmetik Smoothing services start at $350 + product cost

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