Hair | Pricing

Kharma Salons has a tiered system for our service providers, which allows options for you as a client to find a stylist that fits your budget and also gives our staff goals to reach the next level.

Our prices list below are for labor costs only and bleach/color is an additional charge.
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Is a stylist who is new to the industry, most likely less than 2 years experience. Despite being new to the industry, our New Talent stylists work closely with our Senior, Master and Elite stylists, and are very skilled!

  • Adult cuts $40 - 48
  • Extra short cuts (clippers)  $35 - 40
  • Roots only color $63 - 74 +
  • Partial foils $70 - 90 + or Full head of foils $110 - 120 + 
  • All over one color $95 - 105 + 
  • Balayage (add ons  required) $110 - 130 + 
  • On Scalp Bleach $135+


A Senior stylist has most likely been doing hair for 2+ years, and has shown the ability to problem solve with challenging hair coloring and cutting. They have also taken extra training to keep them trendy and fresh in the hair industry.

  • Adult cuts $48 - 58
  • Extra short cuts (clippers) $37 - 42
  • Roots only color $73 - 84 + 
  • Partial foils $80 - 100 or Full head of foils $120 - 140 + 
  • All over one color $100 - 110 + 
  • Balayage (add ons required) $130 - 150 +
  • On Scalp Bleach $145+


A Master stylist has been in the industry for quite some time, and spent many hours perfecting their craft. Master stylists are looked up to by the more junior staff, for coaching and education. We consider these stylists as experts in their field, and so should you!

  • Adult cuts $60 - 68
  • Extra short cuts (clippers) $40 - 44
  • Roots only color $83 - 94 +
  • Partial foils $90 - 110 or Full head of foils $130 - 170 +
  • All over one color $105 - 115 +
  • Balayage (add ons required) $150 - 170 +
    On Scalp Bleach $155+ 


Elite stylists are the best of the best! Most likely they have been doing hair for many years, are considered educators in the industry, and stay focused on their craft. Our Elite stylists typically teach classes either within Kharma Salons, or even at other shops.

  • Adult cuts $70 - 78
  • Extra short cuts (clipper)  $45 - 48
  • Roots only color $93 - 104 +
  • Partial foils $100 - 125 or Full head of foils $160 - 190 +
  • All over one color $115 - 125 +
  • Balayage (add ons required) $155 - 200 +
  • On Scalp Bleach $165+

Product (Color + Bleach) Bowls are an additional cost to color services, as are desired and required add-ons such as a Color Melt to a Balayage, or a Basic Toner to highlights. 

Sometimes to create a desired look, a stylist may need to do a combination of a few different color techniques during the same appointment.

Each stylist is trained to perform a very thorough consultation, which includes a breakdown of each service and pricing, and a color ticket is used before your service so that you can have a clear visual of what your customized service will look like. This will ensure no surprises occur at the checkout counter, and allows the stylist to know what each clients budget might be for their appointment.

Please note- If you have long or very thick hair, or both, there may be an extra charge to your service. We are more than happy to book you in for a consult to go over expectations and pricing.

We also reserve the right to take a $100 deposit on all color services 4 hours or longer. This will be taken off your final invoice. This deposit can be refunded or carried to another date if 24 hours notice is given to cancel or change your appointment.


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