Hair Extensions

Why Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions can transform your look by adding volume, length and/or a fresh pop of color that you're craving. Our natural hair goes through so much over time and the proper use of this service is a great way to offset some of the changes in a healthy way. 

Our stylists are certified by the best in the business and use te best hair on the market. Kesh and Philocaly are among the brands used. All have an extensive range of 100% human hair colors making it easy to match any color of hair. They are the highest quality, naturally and ethically sourced, silicone free hair extensions. 

Our stylists have each been trained with the best techniques and are able to customize based on what is safest for your hair type. 


At our Westshore location our extension specialist Kenzi offers Kesh hair extensions. Kesh hair is North Americas only retailer of high quality Russian-Slavic hair. With hair sourced directly from many Slavic regions, Kesh  personally supervises the whole manufacturing process. Slavic hair is today’s most popular due to its strength, thickness and overall silky texture. 

Kesh is a Canadian owned and operated  hair extension manufacturer and retailer.  We hand-pick all our raw hair bundles to ensure they are not only high quality but also affordable for our clients. Kesh Hair is proof that high quality hair can be offered at a fair and affordable price.

You will find Philocaly Hair Extensions offered at our Saanich location by Surine. The hair extensions are crafted using the highest quality human hair (cuticle in-tact, single donor) paired with the most advanced processing techniques (No acid baths or harsh chemicals and zero silicone coating). 

All of the extensions above are 100% Human Remy Hair, of the highest quality and are all natural ethically sourced silicone free hair extensions. Our salon stylists have been trained in techniques that allow us to completely customize and create, taking into consideration your hair type and desired look.

We Offer:

  • I-tip- beads
  • K-tip- keratin bonds
  • Beaded and hand tied wefts
  • Tape ins
  • Clips ins

Length, density and method chosen all play a part of the final cost for your extensions. Consultations are always free!