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Willow’s hair journey started at eleven years old with a box of pink Splat hair dye and a friend who wanted to have some fun. Over the next couple years, he became his friends go to when it came to bright, out-of-the-box colours that aren’t seen often in salons. At first it was just for fun, but soon enough Willow realized that this was a career that would fulfill him. 

Enrolling in VIU’s hair program, Willow was quickly enraptured by all aspects of the industry. From the science behind hair, the art and creativity and the incredibly unique interpersonal connections that come along with it. Willow’s goal has always been to help others feel good about themselves and he quickly learned that being a stylist is an amazing way to do so. 
Willow had worked as a junior stylist before finishing hair school and for six months prior to being with Kharma, but found the confidence, education and support needed to grow and challenge himself in a way that he hadn't previously experienced. 

Willow is proudly queer and trans, with a goal to make the industry accessible to all. To be a safe person and provide a safe space where clients feel seen, heard and validated. He's a strong advocate for better education in working with BIPOC clients, gender neutral services and other accommodations to make a visit to the salon possible for anyone. 

When he isn't behind the chair, you’re likely to find Willow watching hockey, painting, reading, hand-forging copper, silver and brass jewelry, playing guitar and bass, or at second hand shops searching for antique books-- 16th-19th century literature! 
Play a song, hum a tune or recite a lyric, he can probably guess it! Willow is incredibly passionate about music of all genres— jazz, country, blues, rock, punk and metal to name a few. 

Check out his work 

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